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MedMen CEO Adam Bierman Discusses Marijuana Legalization on Bloomberg TV

MedMen Co-Founder and CEO Adam Bierman appeared on Bloomberg TV to discuss the future of legalizing marijuana in this year’s election. The legalization of marijuana has been in the works for the last 30 years, and has gained enough momentum to be featured on ballots, where recreational use by adults passed in California, Nevada, Massachusetts, and just today, Maine. California passed with about 56 percent, but the tally's not over yet. Arizona failed to pass. Florida, North Dakota and Arkansas passed medical marijuana measures.

This momentum has been spurred by companies such as MedMen, an industry leader in bringing institutional business practices to the cannabis industry. In his interview with Bloomberg TV, Bierman described California as the possible tipping point in eventually legalizing marijuana throughout the country.

To watch Bierman’s interview, click here.

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